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Recommended caliber

Recommended calibers


• In order to preserve a healthy wild stock, only mature Trophies may be hunted.

• carrying a weapon in the bush outside the housing area counts as hunt

If Leopard, Cheetah or Brown Hyena are wished to be hunted it is essential to discuss that with us    BEFORE making a booking!

• Weapons and ammunition: This is regulated and according to the Namibian hunting laws:

            Springbok and smaller:         1.350 Joule muzzle energy

            All other wild stock:              2.700 Joule (e.g. Eland, Oryx, Kudu, Waterbuck, Wilebeest)             Recommended caliber:          30-06 Springfield / .300 Win. or Weatherby Mag. / .388 Win.

                                                     8x68 S / 9,3x62 / 9,3x64 / .375 H&H

            Big game:                           5.400 Joule (e.g. Buffalo, Elephant)


• The importation of a max. of 80 rounds is permitted. The use of full-metal-jacket ammunition is not allowed (exception: elephant). In all cases, a repeating firearm is recommended. The import of automatic or semi-automatic weapons or handguns to Namibia is strictly prohibited! Do not forget your gun permit card.

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