Additional Information

Climate - The season in the southern hemisphere are the opposite of the European (Winter in South Africa is Summer in Europe). Namibia’s climate is sub-tropical
continental with wide ranging day and seasonal changes. Rainfall increases as one
travels from the South West to the North East (0 -max. 700mm, 0-max. 28 inches)
Winter: May - September (Dry Season): Average day temperatures 18°C – 25°C
(64°F - 77°F). Night temperatures under 0°C or 32°F
Summer: October - April (Rain Season): Average day temperatures 20°C – 34°C
(68°F - 93°F). The humidity levels are relatively low.
Suggested Vaccinations: Tetanus, Hepatitis A and B; Malaria tablets for travel north
of Etosha.
Equipment: Light cotton summer clothes are comfortable during the day. Depending
on season, it may be cool to cold in the evenings and early morning, so warm
clothing is also needed. A light rain protection, sun-cream, a wide brimmed hat or
cap, sunglasses, ankle-high shoes as well as a torchlight, pocket knife, photo
equipment and binoculars should be part of your equipment.
Visas : Guests from USA, Canada, UK, Italy, Scandinavia and Japan do not need a
Visa for Namibia at this time of writing. Please check with your Consulate for updated
information. Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months after your planned
departure date.
If you are looking for an unforgettable hunting experience, there is such a place - The
Otjikoko Game Ranch.
The wild heart of Africa awaits, its beats echoing the age old rhythm of the chase and
the hunt. Sometimes slow, sometimes very fast