Recommended caliber


• In order to preserve a healthy wild stock, only mature Trophies may be hunted.

• carrying a weapon in the bush outside the housing area counts as hunt

• If Leopard, Cheetah or Brown Hyena are wished to be hunted it is essential to discuss that with us    BEFORE making a booking!

• Weapons and ammunition: This is regulated and according to the Namibian hunting laws:

Springbok and smaller:         1.350 Joule muzzle energy

All other wild stock:              2.700 Joule (e.g. Eland, Oryx, Kudu, Waterbuck, Wilebeest)            

Recommended caliber:          30-06 Springfield / .300 Win. or Weatherby Mag. / .388 Win. 8x68 S / 9,3x62 / 9,3x64 / .375 H&H

Big game:                              5.400 Joule (e.g. Buffalo, Elephant)

• The importation of a max. of 80 rounds is permitted. The use of full-metal-jacket ammunition is not allowed (exception: elephant). In all cases, a repeating firearm is recommended. The import of automatic or semi-automatic weapons or handguns to Namibia is strictly prohibited! Do not forget your gun permit card.