The North

Between the Okavango in the Northeast and the Kunene in the Northwest lies Ovamboland, home to almost 2/3 of Namibia's population. Geographically and geologically this region is part of the immense Kalahari system that extends from Northern South Africa to the Congo basin.

Situated in the central north, is one of the largest parks in Africa, Etosha National Park covering some 22 270km². It owes its unique landscape to the Etosha Pan, a vast shallow depression of approximately 5 000km². A series of waterholes along the southern edge of the pan guarantee rewarding and often spectacular game viewing. In exceptionally good rain years the floodwaters reach the plains and watercourses in central Ovamboland and even reach the Etosha pan.



Foto: Thorsten Becke Lizenz: CreativeCommons by-sa-2.0-de